Innovations in Natural Capital Risk Assessment

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Global Climate change is one of the central challenges of our generation. And like every industry, the financial sector needs to adapt and assess their natural capital footprint in order to face this challenge. Because financial institutions not only have a responsibility for securing its business and customers from the negative effects of climate change but are also among the key players that can make a difference.

On 22 May, Jade Eli Technologies in cooperation with BANKINGCLUB will host a Business-Breakfast in Frankfurt. International experts in the field of climate science,  environmental economics and emerging technologies will come together to discuss ways of improving Natural Capital Risk Assessment with the use of technology and aligning with the UNEP FI Principles of Responsible Banking. Only if financial institutions are able to effectively assess their exposure to natural capital risks, can they prepare their businesses for the future and take on their role in financing the global transition towards a sustainable low-carbon economy.

Our Speakers:

Peta Milan: CEO of Transcendent Media Capital, Director and General Manager of Jade Eli Technologies and Associate Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Science.

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker: Honorary President of the Club of Rome

Dr. Stephanie Hime: Managing Director of Little Blue Research Ltd.

Thorsten Hahn: Founder and CEO of BANKINGCLUB

Markus Henschel: Founder and CEO of Jade Eli Technologies


  • 09:00
    Continental Breakfast and Networking
    30 Min
  • 09:30
    Aligning Natural Capital Risk Assessment with the UNEP FI Principles of Responsible Banking
    Peta Milan
    Director and General Manager Jade Eli Technologies
    10 Min
  • 09:40
    Climate Change Projections and Future Risks
    Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
    Honorary President Club of Rome
    40 Min
  • 10:20
    Rethinking Natural Capital Risk and Improvements in Asset Valuation
    Dr. Stephanie Hime
    Managing Director Little Blue Research, Ltd.
    40 Min
  • 11:00
    Break and Networking
    20 Min
  • 11:20
    Addressing the Need for Innovation in Banking – Rethinking Business Models
    Thorsten Hahn
    Founder and CEO BANKINGCLUB GmbH
    40 Min
  • 12:00
    Low-code Technology Enabling Improved Measurement and Monitoring of Asset Risk, Value and Impacts
    Markus Henschel
    Founder and CEO Jade Eli Technologies
    40 Min
  • 12:40
    Closing Comments and Questions
    Peta Milan
    Director and General Manager Jade Eli Technologies
    20 Min
  • 13:00
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